The make-up printer

We’re changing the way you put on your makeup.

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Choose your look

Download the Contour 8000 app and you’ll have access to a variety of make-up styles, from chilled-out day looks to full-on Saturday night glam. Once you’ve connected your phone to the Contour 8000 through WiFi, you’re just 30 seconds away from make-up perfection!

  • Contouring looks flawless!
  • Winged eyeliner is perfect!
  • All make-up is accurate to within 1000th of a millimetre!

It's simple

All you have to do is choose your look – the make-up comes pre-packed in handy cartridges

It's accurate!

Electrostatic spray disposition technology combines with biometric data for a meticulous finish

It's fast!

Once you've pressed print and lowered your face into position, the make-up is printed in 30 seconds!

The Contour 8000’s features

There are countless reasons how this is going to make everyday easier, but here is just a few.

But the Contour 8000 can’t do everything (yet)

Our first-generation make-up printer only does powdered make-up like foundation and eyeshadow at the moment, so you’ll still have to apply your own lipstick and mascara. But we’re working on it…

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